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The Hidup Berjiran Story

Neighbourliness builds close relationships that can last a lifetime and enhance your family’s social life. This contributes to communities being uplifted to impact their neighbourhood, which we advocate, as “Uplift Communities” is a value that is strongly believed and reflected in every aspect of what we do.

Story of Paramount Jiran

Unite People
from all walks of life

We see the significance of Hidup Berjiran and the meaningful connections it creates to unite people from all walks of life, and August and September, being the month of Merdeka and Malaysia Day, we want to remind people of the unity from having a strong community.

Though this day and age, we tend to overlook getting to know our neighbours and bonding with them, we want to remind people that Hidup Berjiran is a better way of life and encourage them to do so.

With the pandemic forcing us into many lockdowns away from family and friends, it has become even more essential to reconnect with the people nearest to us. Having neighbours allow us to socialise with them and provides peace of mind because there is someone around who cares about our well-being. It is during these trying times, we've seen even more neighbourliness advocated and we want to share their stories.

About Hidup Berjiran

What Does
Hidup Berjiran
mean to us?

Hidup Berjiran is living in a neighbourhood, and not only acknowledging you have neighbours but caring and bonding with your neighbours. It's taking neighbourliness a step further, with not just a simple "Hi," but asking "How are you?" It's thinking to yourself what does my neighbour need help with today and how can I ease their struggle and remind them they are not alone.

Among these neighbours, some have risen and advocate Hidup Berjiran even more. Dedicating their time and efforts to causes they believe in to help others. These people are your Neighbourhood Heroes and we want to share their stories to inspire other Malaysians that they too can make an impact in their neighbourhood. Nominate a hero today!


How to determine a Neighbourhood Hero?

Is there someone in your neighbourhood who seems ordinary but is making an extraordinary impact in your community? Someone who has dedicated their time and effort to a cause they believe in. Whether it's through providing free lessons or skills, to help the less fortunate, or finding a way to keep the neighbourhood clean and green. If this sounds like someone you know, nominate them as a Neighbourhood Heroes and share their story.




Selected Neighbourhood Heroes will be given a RM3000 grant to help them further their cause. We hope with this, they may continue to make an extraordinary impact on the lives around them and uplift communities while championing Hidup Berjiran. We will be selecting 3 finalists to receive this grant.


Nominate The Unsung Hero

How do I nominate them?

Just fill in both yours and their particulars in the form on the next page and tell us about the impact they’ve made in the community.

How do I know if they’ve been selected?

Our team will contact you or the nominee to discuss the next steps in getting their stories featured.

Where will they be featured?

3 selected Neighbourhood Heroes will have their stories featured on PropSocial, our social media pages and other potential Paramount Property platforms.


The greatest of
are among us

Help us tell their stories so we can inspire more people to take up the neighbourhood hero mantle and build better communities for a better future.

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